Talking Chatbots at ITB Asia

Talking Chatbot technology at ITB Asia 2017 in Singapore

Chatbots offer a huge opportunity for companies to automate personalise conversations with customers which will increase engagement and improve satisfaction, while also increasing revenue.

From online travel agencies through to hotels, the travel industry is seeing a wave of companies innovating with bots to gain an early edge in what will become a standard communication channel.

During 2017 I was part of the team that built and launched Dot the Bot, Club Med’s AI-powered chatbot. This project was an extraordinary success for everyone involved. While Club Med realised an incredible increase in online marketing performance, I learned a vast amount about bot technology, consumer behaviour and the messaging market.

On the back of this success, Travel Massive invited me to speak at Asia’s largest travel conference, ITB Asia at the Marina Sands in Singapore. With only an hour session time was time, so the presentation was a concise but thorough overview of what bots are, and why they will be essential to customers success in the future. The presentation also reached into the bot market, the technology landscape, where chatbots fit in the customer journey, and what you should consider when launching your chatbot project.

On the back of the successful launch of the Club Med Travel Bot, I was invited to speak at Asia’s leading travel conference, ITB Asia. My presentation, ‘Data-Driven Experiences – The Role of Chatbots in Travel’, was a presentation providing a concise but thorough overview of the role of bots in the travel industry. The deck covers the very basics such as what bots are, before moving onto the technology landscape, the market evolution, where bots fit in the customer journey and what to consider if when creating a chatbot.

This talk was initially presented at ITB Asia at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore in 2017. With more than 11,000 delegates from 110 countries, ITB Asia is the largest travel show in the region. The talk was broadcast live to a global audience through travel massive.

You can view the slides (and video talk-through) below:

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Travel Massive

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ITB Asia

ITB Asia is Asia’s leading travel trade show. With more than 11,000 delegates coming from 110 countries, including travel professionals from all segments of MICE, Corporate and Leisure

Organisers & Co-presenters

Gabriel Garcia, Expedia, Senior Director APAC
Saki Kobayashi, LCO Creation, COO
Ian Cumming, Travel Massive, CEO
Michele Koe, ITB Asia